About Us

     Blue Skies Child Care is owned and operated by Meagan O’Leary. Meagan is the director and head teacher of the program. Rebecca Seger is the assistant director and assistant teacher. We both have ample experience in child care and varying levels of college education.

Meagan’s personal history:  

     Meagan grew up in southern Maine; where she babysat quite a bit during her

teenage years. She is from a large extended family which also gave her a great

deal of experience with children.

     Meagan attended and graduated from Scarborough High School in 2000. She

went on to further her education at the University of New England, where she

earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree and a Master’s degree in Occupational

therapy. Meagan worked as an occupational therapist for a year and has worked

as a preschool teacher in various settings since. She has experience with both

typically developing children and children with special needs, including working

with children with autism. 

     Meagan is passionate about teaching preschoolers and enjoys guiding children

of this age as they discover the world around them. She is currently working on

acquiring training hours toward her Child Development Associate (CDA).

Rebecca’s personal history

     Rebecca grew up as the oldest of four children. She babysat for children in the

surrounding neighborhood through her adolescent years. Rebecca graduated from

Edward Little High School of Auburn in 2003.  She has completed 21 credits of

college education in Early Childhood Development. Rebecca plans to further her

education in a field related to early childhood.

     Rebecca has three years of teaching experience in various child care settings.

Her job title has ranged from assistant to head teacher. Rebecca also has

experience working with children who have special needs; particularly Autism,

Asperger’s and other Developmental Disorders.

     Rebecca values education as a teacher and a life-long learner. She thrives on

learning life’s daily lessons. Her motivation in teaching young children has been

supported by her four year old daughter.