Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30          Arrival time

8:30-9:25         Choice time

9:25-9:30         Clean up time

9:30-9:45         Circle time and a story

9:45-9:50         Wash hands

9:50-10:05        Snack time

10:05-10:20      Music and movement/sensory time

10:20- 10:55     Structured activity time in small groups

10:55- 11:05     Clean up, coats on for outside

11:05-11:50       Outdoor play

11:50-12:00       Book time

12:00-12:05      Wash hands

12:05-12:40      Lunch time and bathroom before quiet time

12:40-2:40       On mats for quiet time *

2:40-3             Mats and sleep stuff away, bathroom, wash hands  

3:00-3:15        Snack time

3:15-4             Outdoor play (weather dependent)

4:00-4:15        Circle Time

4:15-4:30        Music time

4:30-5:30       Choice time

5:30                Pick up time

*Children who don’t sleep will remain on their mats for approximately 20-30 minutes then will be engaged in quiet activities.

-The schedule is always subject to change a bit as things come up (ex: on days we have music and movement class with Miss Irene, the schedule will be altered a bit. Also, during the warmer months we tend to spend more time outdoors. The schedule will be adjusted accordingly).